Moving together with the fast pace of

the city and being constantly on the

go, personal space becomes scarce.

‘Bodybuildings’ is a movie forecast

that inspires streetwear to soften the

hardness of the city.

The garments filter the stimuli of the

city by using big volumes that increase

the border between the body and its

environment. Hoods wrap themselves

around the head to isolate the noise,

while a surface of grids is adopting the

language of the cityscape, forming a

guard to block the cities aggression.


This movie explores how streetwear

can provide a sense of safety and

protection by forming a soft harness

around the body. The materials used

are padded, satiny, puffed up and

foamy. The colours are softly hued

and monochromatic to merge all the


Protecting the body while being

friendly to others, ‘Bodybuildings’

provides the ability to conquer the city.

Art direction - Ines de Peuter

Design - Ines de Peuter

3D Scanning - Vito Boeckx

3D Rendering & Video editing - Filip Setmanuk

Graphic Design - Alvin Arthur

Models - Lexi Oprean, Job Claassen, Alvin Arthur