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Soccer players have gone to great lengths to distinguish

themselves from others. Using their hair and skin as

canvasses to express themselves and accentuate their


There are strict regulations for uniforms and no space to style


The soccer player has a great emotional value to their jerseys

and love to know the story behind every boot they are

wearing. They might exchange jerseys after the game as a

sign of respect or artefact of the moment.

This inspired me to think about a way to bring a sense of style

personalisation and storytelling into their uniforms.

My idea is to create a collection where the base layer can be


Adidas would have different badges of art available on their

website, representing various themes and artists.


be compiled together on an alpha skin to create stories or

capture great moments.

Adidas could offer custom made base layers for star players.

And have artwork to represent each club.

Since the majority of practices takes place at night, the alpha

skin will accentuate their tricks and moves while creating a

perfect moment for the player to shine.

The base layer collection is complimented with a

interchangeable tracksuit that holds the same root of

construction with different application. On this pieces the

sleeves and the pantlenght are interchangeable and sold

seperatly.This way we can provide a unique way to

instantly personlalize activewear in stores.

Sound concept by Ben Glas

Soundsuits by Ines De Peuter


Photography by Bridget Baker

Video by Murphy Welch

Dancers: Marc LaPierre and Michal Schorsch


Photography: Bernadette Little

Video by Aidan Jung

Model: Nic Escobar